Surprised by God’s Peace


And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Of the many wonderful blessings that we receive from God, peace is one of the most surprising.

It is surprising because, first, it comes from God who is over and beyond all. Although He is Immanuel, he surpasses all things. He is concerned with what concerns us but His power is not in any way interrupted with the woes and challenges of man. The One who dispenses peace is the absolute source of true and unhindered peace.

Also, God’s peace transcends all understanding. To transcend is to move beyond a known limit. Our minds cannot immediately process the meaning of untoward events like problems, sickness, poverty, and death. These are but few of the powerful things that limit man’s thinking. Just as we are wondering why these things come our way, God’s peace provides us an uncommon assurance that God is still in control. This surprising peace anchors us to God’s nature and character that though we have problems of all sorts we can still stay afloat in the often turbulent sea of life.

Furthermore, God’s surprising peace guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. It is noted that a number of people are experiencing nervous breakdown when faced with traumatic life experiences. Even while thinking through problems and difficulties, the mind tends to actively think depriving one of sleep and rest. Yet, God’s peace is available to keep us fastened to the reality that God’s help is available. It provides us with a deep sense of security that God will help us get through our problems. It sparks the faith we need to believe that this dark, long and winding tunnel of difficulties will end.

Pause for a while and reflect on the peace that God gives. Aren’t you surprised at the transcendent peace that the Almighty God provides?

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