[EVENTS] Being Intimate with God

Can one be intimate with God? Yes, because you are created for this purpose. To be intimate with Him is to have an unhindered fellowship with God, walking daily with Him, and pursuing passionately His presence.

Jesus led us to intimacy with the Father. He reconciled us, removed our sins, and restored us back to a right position. Without Christ, intimacy with God is impossible. Knowing all this is not enough. One must have an experience to fully understand the requisites for intimacy. ‘Being Intimate with God’ or BIG Retreats are held from time to time to teach new followers what it means to experience God and break free from a hurtful past. Learn about Inner Heal- ing, Deliverance, Victorious Christian Living, Freedom in Christ, and Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.

Join our next ‘BIG Retreat’ this November 18-19, 2015. It’s two full days of learning about intimacy with the Father. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and discover what it means to really experience God.

Being Intimate With God November 2015 Church youth group mandaluyong

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