4D+ Logo Campaign

As part of our 40th Anniversary, we are launching a social media campaign to let the world know that we are celebrating four decades of God’s faithfulness in ICS. In case you’re still not aware, we’ve adapted the 4D+ logo for this month’s celebration.

4D+ stands for “FOUR DECADES PLUS”. It also stands for “FOR THE CROSS”.

In line with this, we enjoin you to change your social media logo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just about any social network you use to help us spread the good news. Use any of the logo version below for the whole month of January. Former ICS members are also encouraged to do this by changing your photo for a few weeks.

All you need to do is download any design below and upload as your profile pic.

Note: Kindly click on image for bigger image or higher resolution.

4DPlus ICS Anniversary Logo Square White Text

(4D+ Logo on White with Text)


4DPlus ICS Anniversary Logo Square Text Blue

(4D+ Logo on Blue with White Text)

4DPlus ICS Anniversary Logo Square Blue

(4D+ Logo on Round Blue)

ICS Worship Center 4DPlus Logo

(4D+ Logo on Church Facade)

ICS Worship Center 4DPlus Logo 2

(4D+ Logo Lower Right on Church Facade)

ICS 4D+ Logo

(Hi-res Transparent 4D+ Logo) Download this .png file. Resize according to profile image. Lay over profile photo and adjust.

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