What’s in the Logo again?

ICS For the Cross logo meaning

Thank you to everyone who changed their profile pics. Dozens of people have already showed their support and have used the ICS 40th Anniversary logo. Perhaps by now people have started asking about it.

So what’s in the logo again?

More than just saying it’s our church anniversary logo, you may start the conversation by explaining that the logo reminds us of our need to celebrate God’s goodness evident throughout the 40 years (and beyond) of ICS. It is both a challenge and a reminder for us to MOVE FORWARD in the power of the Holy Spirit, with the mission of establishing discipleship movements in the Philippines, or wherever He directs us. May it be in your homes, schools, offices, businesses, and communities, may we have it in your hearts to start discipleship movements or caring communities.

We are tasked to “Go and Make Disciples”. This 4D+ logo is more than just a reminder of God’s faithful the past four decades. It’s also a mark that we are living FOR THE CROSS, moving in God’s direction, as He leads to sail forward.

If your friend asks you,  you know what to say. Be blessed!

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