In celebration of ICS’ 40th Anniversary, the contest invites all ICS members to submit a perspective of a proposed ICS structure.   The perspective shall take into consideration the following:

  • A building/structure that shall symbolize what ICS is all about: “A caring community connecting people to Christ.” It should symbolize ICS members’ collective hope of a caring community radiating the love of Christ into every community.
  • The structure should be able to house the mission of ICS:
    • To worship God.
    • To nurture people to love God and others.
    • To reach all peoples with the gospel of Christ.
  • Efforts are also being undertaken to explore joint venture initiatives with reputable companies. Other than housing conventions with dormitory facilities and trainings of missionaries, the structure should also consider the possibility of allocating several floors for condominium/residences as these may be the desire of the partnering company/ies.
  • A high-rise structure of 30-40 floors may be the ideal joint-venture project for ICS and its partner.


  • The contest is open to all ICS members.
  • ICS member can opt to ask non-ICS members to make the perspective provided that it shall be submitted by the member. As such, the entry will still be considered as belonging to the member with reference to the designer.
  • Any cost shall be borne by the participant/member.
  • There shall only be one winning entry. A cash prize shall be awarded to the member.
  • Deadline of entries will be on February 14, 2016.
  • Announcement of winner will be on February 28, 2016.
  • Submit entries via email to: ics_family@yahoo.com


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