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Ground Floor,  ICS Worship Center
Address : Mayflower St., Greenfield District, Brgy. Highway Hills,

EDSA CENTRAL,Mandaluyong City 1554
Contact Nos : 6321093 ~ 6315265

Courses offered:
NURSERY – 3 to 4 years old
KINDER – 4 to 5 years old


VBS: God’s Champions!

It was another enjoyable summer as the children of ICS gathered for its 2011 DVBS themed “God’s Champions.” We were blessed to have been able to host it in three places; Oranbo, Ugong and ICS Mandaluyong.

The three DVBS classes were held separately. The Oranbo and Ugong DVBS were held last April 25-30 in nearby public schools. There were 50 kids from Ugong and 43 kids from Oranbo. The kids were really excited to attend the event, especially the kids from Ugong since it was their first time. And though the volunteers were really exhausted from going from one place to another, you could see the fulfilment in their faces day after day.

ICS Mandaluyong’s DVBS was held last May 2- 5. There were 18 participants in all. Though small in number, that didn’t stop the kids from having fun with all the activities planned out for them. From the first class session to the last pajama party night, their enthusiasm did not wane, although it wasn’t always fun and laughter.

One of the highlights of the DVBS was the “sardines” game, where they would need to find a single a person, in the person of Michael Cauilan, in the whole church. They were given 10 rules (“The Ten Commandments”) to follow and ‘punishments’ to endure if they were to break the rules. The teachers were there to make sure the kids would break all the rules as part of the activity.

As punishment, the kids had to pick up small pieces of paper scattered around the sanctuary, only to be scattered again by the teachers. Some kids cried, others refused to be helped. The children had to do this for one whole hour, or until a “sacrificial” teacher approaches them and volunteers to absolve them from the punishment and take their place if they admit to their mistakes and promise not to break the rules again. Through this game, the teachers were able to illustrate Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

It was a blessing to be part of this event. From the opening ceremony where Josiah came running in with the Olympic torch to mark the start of the event, up to the awarding ceremony, it was memorable. I’ll really miss those kids.


God’s Champions!

ICS DVBS 2011: God’s ChampionsICS DVBS 2011 Promo

May 2-5
ICS Church Mandaluyong

Age 3-12 yrs old

registration fee
stay in – 700 php
stay out- 400 php

Sweety Tejedor


Date and Time: May 2-5 at 9am-4pm
Venue: ICS Mayflower St. EDSA Central, Mandaluyong City
Open to kids 3-12 years old
2 options for Registration Fee:
A. Stay-in – P700.00 (will stay under church premises for 4 days and 3 nights)
B. Bring and Fetch – P400.00 (will be brought by parents at 9am and fetch at 4pm)

Registration is ongoing…

DVBS Oranbo:
Date and Time: Apr. 25-29 at 8am-12pm
Venue: Oranbo Elementary School
Open to kids 3-13 years old
Free admission

DVBS Ugong:
Date and Time: Apr. 25-29 at 2pm-6pm
Venue: Francisco Legazpi Memorial School
Open to kids 3-13 years old
Free admission

For more information please contact:
Sweety Tejedor (09067084631/632-1093)

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