Date and Time: May 2-5 at 9am-4pm
Venue: ICS Mayflower St. EDSA Central, Mandaluyong City
Open to kids 3-12 years old
2 options for Registration Fee:
A. Stay-in – P700.00 (will stay under church premises for 4 days and 3 nights)
B. Bring and Fetch – P400.00 (will be brought by parents at 9am and fetch at 4pm)

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DVBS Oranbo:
Date and Time: Apr. 25-29 at 8am-12pm
Venue: Oranbo Elementary School
Open to kids 3-13 years old
Free admission

DVBS Ugong:
Date and Time: Apr. 25-29 at 2pm-6pm
Venue: Francisco Legazpi Memorial School
Open to kids 3-13 years old
Free admission

For more information please contact:
Sweety Tejedor (09067084631/632-1093)

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Date: April 26-28,2010
Venue: International Charismatic Service, Inc. (Mandaluyong)



By Daniel Tan

It was one blessed month for CROSSLinC as we celebrated with a four-part series entitled “True Love Waits. Oops… ‘Wag Muna. Gets Mo?” For the past four Sundays of February, we discussed about what love, sex, and waiting are all about. It was also a simultaneous event with our Nagpayong, Las Piñas and Manggahan area churches.

The youth were divided into several groups, according to age: the teenagers ages 12 to 19 and the Young Adults ages 20 to 25. Pastor Alodia Dayang, along with the youth leaders, facilitated the event. Sis. Reah Padla was also there to share her testimonies and insights on waiting for our “one true love”.

During the first Sunday, we discovered the common reasons why teenagers get into early relationships. Reasons like being neglected in the family or just out of plain curiosity. These were shared by the teens during the discussion. The most common answer was to satisfy the emptiness they were feeling inside. And with that, the TLW facilitators explained that no one person can satisfy that emptiness. No one can fill the void that only Christ can fill. As they said, Christ captivates, accepts, loves, forgives and is faithful to us.

We asked them “Which is better? To give love or to receive love?”. Most people answered that receiving is easier, but there were still a few who answered that giving is easier. Then Ptra. Dayang explained the Five Love Languages or the 5 ways how a person feels loved. Those five are: Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Giving Gifts. We asked the participants to answer a questionnaire which tells what their love language is. We found out that receiving is easier because you don’t have to do anything but what is truly important is to give love. We were also reminded of the top five people we need to share our love with: God, ourselves, other people, our future mate, and our future kids. The first Sunday was all about knowing that God Loves us All.

The second lesson was about how media affects society’s view on true love, how the Bible defines love, and how we can differentiate infatuation from True Love according to 1 Cor. 13:4-7. This topic was a bit sensitive as it discussed sex and how important it is to stay pure. Some of the youth were a bit awkward when discussing this but we believe that it is better for them to learn it from the church than from the wrong group of people.

The common denominator was SIN. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone sins. And until we realize this, there is no way for the Word of God to work in our lives. This directed us to the third lesson and a more serious topic.

Lesson three discussed the “Three P’s”, clearly a discouragement for the youth not to commit fornication. First was the Pressures of pre-marital sex. Today’s youth are being pressured by society into thinking that everyone else is doing it. The second was Pregnancy and how their lives would change if they get pregnant or get someone pregnant. The last one was one’s Past or emotional baggage that one has been carrying. This was the point where the youth started asking how they could become pure again, if they had sinned in this area. The answer was readily given – Through Christ we are loved.

The last Sunday of the month (Feb 28) was the culmination of the past three Sundays’ sessions. The main sanctuary was filled with about 80 young people, as it was a joint celebration with the area churches. There was fun, food and fellowship! Pastora Dayang spoke to us about purity and about Salvation that comes by knowing Christ – that knowing Him is the way to experience true love from God. Ate Reah Padla challenged us as well, to commit to purity until we’re married. It’s a difficult decision to make but the youth of ICS rose up to the challenge.

The entire True Love Waits Series was more than just about waiting for true love. It also incorporated evangelism within the lessons. Our ‘GETS Mo?’ theme was actually an acronym for what we really wanted to share:

G- God loves us all

E- Everyone makes mistakes

T-Though Christ we are loved

S- Salvation comes by knowing Christ

This lesson is not only for the youth. Waiting for true love isn’t just for the young. Everyone can; everyone has to. True Love only comes from God. As the leaders of CROSSLinC, it is our prayer for the young people of this generation, and for us as well, to stay pure until that special day God has made for each of us. We know we must wait on God. Because indeed, True Love Waits.