iGO 3rd Sunday

Nov 15, 2009
What to Expect This Sunday:

Women’s Ministry Presentation

iPraise (an afternoon of Praise & Worship)

ICS Ministry Booths

The whole month of November is Missions month for ICS. On this second Sunday (Nov. 8) we launched the ministry booths. The whole church was abuzz with activities last Saturday and Sunday. The lobby of the church was turned into a colorful display by each ministry. This is a well participated event and to God be all the glory!

Text and Photos by Nila Gomez
More photos HERE

Now What…? iGo!

By Mark Daniel Gomez

The theme for this year has been a ringing question for all of ICS: “Now What?”

For the past few years we have been properly equipped. The importance of fellowship has been emphasized as we learned the significance of being a member of a local church. Maturity in our faith was deepened as we soaked more in the Word. Everyone was encouraged to be part of a ministry. All of these were gearing up towards one goal.

Jesus said, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt 28:19). Now what? The answer has been with us all along. November is ICS’ Missions month and now, in response, we say “iGo”! (i am sent by God to others). Continue reading

iMax: Intercession to the Max

When: July 19, 2009

Prayer is the key to the heart of God.
Prayer is the only way to a real and personal relationship with God.


Join our CROSSLinC for an afternoon of prayer and intercession.

Love Is…? 2 : TRS’ 10th Anniversary Labor of Love

by Bernard “Nio” Manzano

Tiring… trying… frustrating…

I’m not talking about love, although sometimes the world perceives it as such. I’m talking about how whole process of making The Redeemed Stage and ICS’ latest concert can feel at times. Tiring, because of the rehearsals. Trying, because you deal with different kinds of personalities in the team you’ve created. Frustrating, because of a lot of aspects; finances, not meeting deadlines, people not coming to rehearsals on time (myself included), etc, etc, etc.

But during these times, I find solace in the fact that, despite our shortcomings, God moves. I have been to a lot of outreaches and mission trips where not all of the members are equipped with the right tools (again, myself included) but I always find myself coming home fulfilled knowing the fact that we have succeeded in fulfilling the purpose for which we were sent there. Continue reading

S.U.B.I.C. Fun!

By Marie Gaie Nolledo

Last December 21st 2008, CROSSLinC, together with some YA, left ICS for an overnight retreat in Jest Camp, Subic. Christmas break had just started. No more school papers, projects and assignments to work on overnight. It was time to have fun and enjoy nature and His Presence.

It took 3 long hours before we reached our destination. By that time everybody was really hungry. Our beloved Tita Vaisy Bunsoy prepared dinner with the help of some leaders while us campers were having a query game that happily distracted our starving stomachs. After everyone got their turn, the food was ready – chicken adobo, itlog na maalat and Mimi’s bell pepper dish satisfied everybody.

After that scrumptious dinner, the boys decided to wash up while the girls chatted with each other. At exactly 9:45pm, all the campers were gathered and we worshipped God together. Pastor Jerry preached on “the one thing better than worship”, which is to “finish well”. He shared stories about King David who was not able to finish what he had started in the first part of his life.
Continue reading