ICS @ 32 – A Month-long Celebration of God’s Goodness

January 2008 promises to be an exciting month for ICS as we celebrate our 32nd year. As early as October, an anniversary committee headed by Sis. Anne Grey has been preparing for next year’s celebration.

Every Sunday for the whole month of January, different ministries have been tasked to lead the worship. Expect the Young Adults, CROSSLinC, and the deaf ministry to open 2008 with a bang. This will be followed by the women and the children on the second Sunday, then by the Men’s Fellowship the Sunday after that, and, last but not the least, the Pastoral staff on the culminating Sunday. Also, alumni pastors of ICS will be guesting to speak the message and of course, to reunite with us.

The month long celebration will be a first for ICS as, in the past years the anniversary has only been celebrated every end of January. But next year it will be totally different, fun, exciting, and hopefully, more memorable.

God has been so good to the church over the years, with more blessings added each year. God’s faithfulness has never departed from ICS, which is reason enough for ICS as a church to continue praising God. January’s month-long celebration aims to showcase how the Almighty Father made ICS the church it is now; not a building, but a group of believers passionate for worship and making His name known. 


The 4th Saturday of November will definitely be a fun-filled and fulfilling day for ICS and its special guests.

On November 24, not just one but two special events will be held right here in ICS. The Women’s Thanksgiving Bazaar is still on! ICS will be transformed into a bargain hunter’s and shopaholic’s haven for a day, with several members selling a variety of goods and services at their respective tables. Simultaneous with the bazaar, a special Medical Mission for the benefit of the Brgy. Pat Antonio residents will also be conducted within the ICS Worship Center as well.
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Christmas is just around the corner and members of the ICS family are already busy preparing for their annual Christmas presentation entitled “Celebrate His Glory.” The highly anticipated production, which will showcase ICS members from all ministries and age-groups, will be staged on December 16 during the 10 am service.

It’s going to be a church-family production, with each segment of the program to be performed by participants from each ministry. For instance, the kids and the youth will be joined by the women’s ministry in a “surprise” presentation. Needless to say, those who are already in the cast are having a great time working and being with each other. Practices are now ongoing every Saturdays but ICS members of all ages are still encouraged to join. There’s room for more dancers and singers!

”Celebrate His Glory” is directed by Carrie Locsin, multi-talented dancer / choreographer and current ministry head of the Dance Team, from the script written by YA’s very own Jennifer Legaspi. The choir will be conducted by Sis. Emi Padla. Continue reading

Master’s Commission 11th National Convergence: “BLESSED… For Such a Time as This!”

Firm in their belief that the Lord has called us and blessed Christians not just for themselves but so that they could be a powerful missions force, proclaiming the Gospel in the fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit in the End Times, Master’s Commission Philippines- Asia (MCP-A) will be holding their 11th National Convergence in ICS, their new home, on October 26 and 27, 2007. Continue reading