Meet the 4D+ Team…

Behind every celebration is a group of people who have the same goal in their minds and hearts: mark a special milestone in their lives. Our Senior Pastor has called some church members to take part in planing for the 40th Anniversary. The team is led by Sis. Wendy Engcoy who works hand in hand with Hanilette Lema, Chester Lema, GJ Engcoy, Ardie Balderrama, Richard Samellano, Reah Padla, Misty Dado, Ptr. Toffer Tayco, Ptr. Lemuel Adeser, and the couple Pastor Jules and Rachel Pranoto who were recently called to serve in Indonesia.

Pray that God will give His wisdom to the 4D+ Team as they continue to plan for the grand celebration happening in January 2016.

40th ICS Anniversary Team Born Again Church Mandaluyong

[EPICS] Investing 101

epics investing 101

Inviting all the professionals and entrepreneurs to our very first EPICS event.
P300 fee includes buffet dinner and materials.

ICS Coffee Table Book