Worship Team

The ICS Worship Team ushers the people into the Presence of God every Sunday. This, they say, is their way of giving back the glory to Him Who is the source of their musical gifts and abilities.

Taking their cue from a now-popular movie adage, the team members know full well that “with great talent comes great responsibility.” They are, therefore, continuously honing their God-given skills and perfecting their craft. This enables them to remain open to the Lord’s further leading and revelation of His perfect Will for their life and ministry.

Led by Ptr. Sam Bontilao, the team’s vision is to see God’s praises sung and heard beyond the walls of the church. The ICS Worship Team members are: Ardie Balderrama,¬†Gary Jay and Wendy Engcoy, Daniel Gomez, Jamil Castillo, Joshua Padla, Richard Samellano, Chester Lema, Rosilyn Patino, Keith Teng, JM Mirasol and Nino Viola. To know more about the Worship Team ministry, or to become a member, please contact¬†or talk to Ptr. Sam Bontilao.

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